Wag the Dog

16 02 2009


  • Of the three basic value orientations (discussed in Chapter 3 of your textbook), what basic value orientation does the PR practitioner embody? Provide at least one example.

The PR practitioner embodies the situationalist value orientation, beacause all that mattered was making sure the President was re-elected to office. For instance in the movie when he said there is war I just  saw it on tv exemplifies the idea of what is going to do the most good.

He was entirely dishonest. He created a fictional war with another country to keep the public’s mind off of a sex scandal with another woman. He also created a war hero and a war victim and then he broadcast them to the public like they were commercials.

  • What is the logic behind the phrase Wag the Dog, and how is it relevant to the situation involved?

The phrase states that if the tail was smarter than the dog then the tail would wag the dog. In this situation the American people were the dog and he was smart enough to create such a controversial topic that people completely ignored a sex scandal.

  • In your opinion, what positive or negative stereotypes has the PR practitioner confirmed in his role in this movie?

The negative stereotypes portrayed were that of the government lying to the people to achieve an objective. Whethere it be a fictional war against another country or invading a country in search of weapons of mass destruction. Just another lie to add to the long list of lies the government tells the public in order to achieve a certain objective.




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