“Tribes” by Seth Godin

7 04 2009

In his lecture about how to build your company Seth Godin discussed why it was more important to build a tribe than to build a crowd of people. In his presentation he defined a tribe as groups of of people who share something in common. For instance tribes that I would belong to would include sneakerheads, Mac users, UGA Bulldog nation, and fashion lovers.

The most interesting part of his presentation to me was why it was more important to build a tribe than to have a huge crowd. According to Godin times are changing and having a huge crowd of people or a lot of hits on your page isn’t the way to build your brand anymore. You must create a tribe, something that people can feel apart of. The most surprising stat that he showed was that the band Grateful Dead only had one song in the top 40 billboard charts but were consistently the top grossing live musical act annually. This was because their fans felt a connection with them. When they would tour most of their fans would travel and attend each show across the country.

This was especially eye opening for me due to the fact that I have friends who are trying to become music artists. Now I can show this to them and explain that it is more important for them to build a solid base of followers who like their music. Instead of just getting a bunch of hits on their myspace and youtube pages. The best metaphor to explain this idea would be a tribe of hundreds is more beneficial than a few thousand views on your page.

You can buy the book Tribes here




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