Twitter Continued

23 04 2009

At the beginning of the semester my professor asked us to join twitter and be an active member for a week. As the semester winds down my professor asked us to do another 48 hours of twitter so that we could compare our experiences from the first time we started with twitter, as opposed to how we feel about it now. Once I began using twitter I never stopped so this assignment was no problem for me.

Today I actually abandoned my twitter for the entire day, this something that will never happen again. Twitter has truly become an essential part of my everyday life. It has quickly taken the place of Facebook as the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. I’m on twitter so much now that I only check my facebook every couple of days now, when I used to check 4-5 times a day and that is not counting replying to messages and wall posts.

The difference between twitter for me then and twitter for me now is what I would equate to the process of dating a woman. At the beginning you are kind of nervous trying to learn about her, feel things out to see if there is potential for a relationship and you just take it day by day. At this point now we have been together for a few months, we know pretty much what to expect from each other, we are now in our groove. Now i can twitpic from my phone, I know what RT means, and I will @ reply someone before I send them a text message. However I still have not been a part of tweet up that is something I would like to take part in.

A few good PR people to follow on twitter would be @StarLITpr,@ CHillPR, and @havenner. These are three people that I follow and have very entertaining and informative tweets. Also all three were willing to participate in my interview of a PR pro, I went with @havenner because I got his message first.

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24 04 2009

I Love Twitter too! We rock because we Tweet!

24 04 2009
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[…] by Natalia on April 24, 2009 Biso Gsaxhe is a Twitter fanatic just like me. Check out his […]

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