Where is Asher Roth’s Publicist??

30 04 2009

Now for the second time in two weeks rapper Asher Roth has allowed his mouth to get him in a little bit of trouble. First last week while he was in Rutgers, on his twitter page he wrote a tweet using the phrase “nappy headed hoes”. Obviously a poor joke made on his part in reference to the Don Imus’ controversy over a year ago. Now this was a bad joke but let’s be clear the guy isn’t racist. What really hurt him though was that after the apology  he quickly posted after, he deleted both posts, the apology and the joke. The damage had already been done and by deleting both he appeared to be trying to hide from it.

A week passed by and now Mr. Roth is in the news again for some controversial comments. This time in an interview he used the term “black rappers”. Now I completely agree with everything that he is saying but he should have just left it at rappers no need to add the black in there. I’ll let you decide for yourselves though. Here is the link to the entire interview.




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