T.O.W. : Week 2

2 02 2010

Why are comments integral part of blogs? Blog comments are the way that the readers can interact with the blogger. The comments allow the blogger to see how their audience feels about the work they are putting on their blog. A blog is a way to express yourself about anything you want to, but also give people the chance to view your thoughts, it’s like a public journal if you will. Without the comments, the blogger is just talking to themselves. The best advice on blog comments I can give is be honest, be respectful and honest.




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20 02 2010

I feel the same way about blog comments. It always makes the blogger feel like they have been heard when they find that they have a comment, or at least that is how I feel when I get the email saying that I have a comment waiting to be read. It’s good to be able to get how you feel or believe out there and have people tell you they agree, or give you information to make you better or more informed. I had a comment left on my blog once that really helping in giving me information that I hadn’t thought of before and it shaped my opinion to be more solid.

20 02 2010
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23 04 2010
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