T.O.W. : 7- Foursquare

20 04 2010

What is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a social networking website that is based on location, a game, and mobile device accessible combined into one entity. Users check-in at different places through out whatever city they are in, either by text messaging or using their phone specific application for Foursquare on their phone. Users are awarded points for each check-in and eventually badges after earning enough points.

Foursquare is another way that people can interact with each other without actually having to directly communicate with each other.

Foursquare is great for businesses because it is free advertisement for their buisness. A user of foursquare can choose to update their Facebook and/or their Twitter counts updated everytime they check-in. Also users have the ability to add tips to certain venues that they check-in at. For a buisness owner that is free publicity and word of mouth marketing for their buisness without them spending any money on advertising.

There are some safety issues that a user must take into account. The essence of Foursquare is telling people exactly where you are at a given moment. So if you have a stalker Foursquare might be something that you want to stay away from.




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