T.O.W. : Week 6 – Social Media Friend or Foe?

20 04 2010

Social Media friend or foe?

I say neither. Like anything else in the world social media has it’s positives and it’s negatives. Social media has the ability to help you immensely but has the same amount of ability to hurt you just as much. So instead of looking at social media as either a friend or foe, look at it as though it is an associate. I say associate because an associate would be someone you know and you help each other when you can, but you wouldn’t confide your deepest darkest secret to.

Approach social media in the same manner. Use your blog, twitter, facebook etc. to your advantage. These are all tools at your disposal that are there to help you reach out to people across the globe to build your network. You must remember though that once you post something on the internet it is there FOREVER! You must be especially careful with websites like twitter and facebook that lend themselves to be spaces where you can express yourself freely, which you can. However the difference between those sites and a journal is that anyone with a computer can see what you post. That includes current/future employers, customers, and potential customers. Just keep the golden rule in mind, never post anything you wouldn’t say to everybody that you encounter.




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