T.O.W. : Week 9 & 10 – PR Openmic

21 04 2010

PR Openmic is a social networking site created specifically for PR practioners, PR students, and PR professors. Their mission statement is “Our goal is to be the social network for PR students, faculty and practitioners worldwide. We are ad freeand nonprofit with an education focus.”

PR Openmic is a great site because it encompasses all of the good things that you want out of a social networking site, and it filters out all of the unnecessary stuff that you don’t need. The key to PR Openmic is that it is designed specifically for people interested in PR. For PR students it’s great because it allows you to create your own page, connect and network with PR professionals, and even search for jobs/internships all on the site. There are areas where you can create and maintain your own blog, upload and watch videos, even find PR youtube channels. PR Openmic is Facebook and Youtube combined but filtered out all the nonsense and made specifically for those interested in PR. If you are a PR student or recent grad a PR Openmic profile is a MUST HAVE!!




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