Podcast Assignment

31 03 2010

How to Biso Fly podcast episode 1

How to Biso Fly episode 1 show notes:


(Intro music Kid Cudi – New New)

  • Introduce show name
  • Introduce host
  • Introduce topic

Describe role of fashion stylist: 0:40

  • What does a stylist do?
  • Who hires a stylist

Importance of stylists: 2:50

  • Why hire a stylist

Relationship between stylist and client: 5:51

Outro: 7:42

  • Sign off and Give thanks
  • When is next show

(music Kid Cudi – New New)


Trade Book Review

11 03 2010

TradeBookReview For my trade book review I chose the book Tribes by Seth Godin. You can see my notes and hear audio if you go and look at my slideshare presentation.

T.O.W. : Week 3

2 02 2010

Is social media monitoring ethical? The answer to this question is a resounding yes! Not only is it ethical, but the responsibility on behalf of the brand itself to make sure they know what is being said about their brand in every way possible on all forums. The area where ethical questions can arise is how the information found is used.

When running a business it is imperative to know how your customers and potential customers feel about your brand, and what they are saying about your brand if you want your brand to continue to grow and prosper. For instance the new Dominos ads where they address the complaints of their customers through taped focus groups. Social media monitoring is just another form of focus groups.

Where ethical questions can come into play is how the information gathered is used. For instance it is easy to manipulate the information you find to skew it towards what ever point you want to prove. For example  if you want to show nothing but positive remarks about a brand you can do that, and vice versa. Just like a reporter who only shows one side of a story or does a half story just to have the most controversial story they can.

Social media monitoring is a great tool for any business to use in order to gauge its feedback from it’s customers. However social media monitoring must be used in a responsible matter.

T.O.W. : Week 2

2 02 2010

Why are comments integral part of blogs? Blog comments are the way that the readers can interact with the blogger. The comments allow the blogger to see how their audience feels about the work they are putting on their blog. A blog is a way to express yourself about anything you want to, but also give people the chance to view your thoughts, it’s like a public journal if you will. Without the comments, the blogger is just talking to themselves. The best advice on blog comments I can give is be honest, be respectful and honest.

My top 10 things I learned this year

3 05 2009

Top 10 things I learned in Intro to PR

30 04 2009

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30 04 2009

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