T.O.W. : Week 4 – What Is Social Media?

20 04 2010

Adam Vicenzini asked his twitter followers to define what social media is in 140 characters or less, these are my three favorite.

  1. @katiemoffat Social media is like offline, traditional word of mouth but on steriods
  2. @Beth_Carroll Social media is about building relationships and harnessing those relationships to build networks and interact
  3. @Tyronevh It’s the integration of interaction with technology tools allowing one to interact, explore and most importantly learn from one another

The first definition is funny and accurate. Think about it, how many people do you actually come into contact with on a given day that you actually communicate with? Let’s be generous and say 30 people, so that is 30 people you can tell about a new artist you found or new place to eat. Now let’s say you have 500 friends on Facebook and another 300 followers on Twitter, with one status update you can now share that same info with 800 people, word of mouth on steroids indeed.

The second and third definitions I associate with because that is exactly how I define social media, and that’s how I use social media. Whether it’s reaching out to different stylists on Twitter for advice or internship opportunities or following different blogs to learn more about fashion.

My social media definition in 140 characters or less: Social media is an online avenue to express yourself and communicate with other people across the world.